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She Lives...

So I haven’t written a blog post since the 80’s. I blame Dalekins… as a muse, I feel that he should be offering me more material than he has been.  There has been no slamming of bollocks in a door, or getting so drunk that he takes out what he assumes to be a bag of ice and slams it repeatedly on the floor until someone has to go over and whisper “Dale… that’s a bag of frozen calamari, it’s going to make our drinks smell like a whorehouse.  We asked for ice” (No offense to whore houses.  I’m sure your premises smell quite lovely. ) Nothing of the sort…

I can’t work under these conditions.

And God knows I can’t be my own muse because I’m boring as fuck.  Ok no wait.  I am AWESOME. As a matter of fact if I were an animal, I’d be a unicorn / possum combo. I’d pee glitter and poo rainbows. I’d be able to hang upside down from a tree and poke you in the vagina with my horn if you made me narfy. But I am just too darn modest to write about my own escapades.

I wonder if one could buy a possum on eBay.  How awesome would that be!! He could sleep in bed with us!

Hmmm, apparently not. Screw you eBay.

Anyhoo, this isn’t much of a blog post, just thought I’d let everyone know I am STILL alive.

So anyways, while I write an actual blog post, here is a picture of a possum on a snowboard.  Because they are THAT fucking awesome.


P.S I tagged the word "whore" to this post... I want to see the stats of how many pervs are going to click on this blog while searching for "whores", and then find a snowboarding possum.

Funny. As. Poop.

Priscilla - Queens of the Desert

Priscilla - Queens of the Desert

Ah Rats!