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For Porns sake!

So South Africa is finally getting a Porn channel. You have to buy a special decoder and smartcard to be able to have access to it, and the authorities in South Africa can apparently do nothing about it because the channel gets broadcast outside of South Africa. This issue seems to be pissing off a lot of South Africans and I just don’t understand the mass horror over this issue.

Some comments from the News24 thread:

“When SA has the highest rate of rape and sexual violence ..and they consider this?????????? Who ever came up with this idea shud be shot in cold blood.”  (Bad Porn!! Murder is ok though?)

“Christians, we need to PRAY real HARD, march against such evilness and Cry that God may touch the hearts of these perveted minds...the world is getting more and more rotten - that means our GREAT struggle continues....”

Yoyoyo. This is going to ruin the beautiful South Africa. Guys we have to agree that we aint Americans,BRITISH OR EUROPEANS. (What? We’re not open minded?)

Da day of judgement is here ppl souls have been sold to da devil (Ahhh so TODAY is the rapture… again.  Really?  Really really?)

Stop being so fucking judgmental people. People are commenting about praying for our souls, South Africa will be in ruin, Our children’s souls will be lost, God help us all, rape and sexual violence will increase.

What the fu…?

If you don’t like it, don’t buy the fucking decoder. If I buy it, please don’t feel the need to pray for my salvation.

If you’re worried about your children being ruined, then maybe you should be practicing some active parenting.  Yes I know, now you will have to stop just plonking your kid down infront of the tv.

Each to his own.

Unless you can hear my nekkid wrestling midgets from next door, it’s not really bothering YOU is it?

Your thoughts?

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