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My mind is messy: Zombies

By now I am sure you have all heard about the “New Delhi” superbug that’s cruising it’s way around a few hospitals killing off poor unsuspecting, already ill patients who are unlucky enough to be treated by the nurse who scratches her arse, picks her nose, wipes one patients bum then comes and gives you a bed bath. Or is it it REALLY killing them off?

I don’t know about you, but this whole scenario just screams like a scene out of Resident Evil.  The super bug, the dead, and then swiftly followed by The ZOMBIES!!

Note how I leave out the part where the hot chick (it would be me) runs around in leather pants shooting shit up and protecting all mankind from complete annihilation! Because I could never fit into leather pants and make them look like anything but sausage casings *sigh* that and I also strongly suspect that I might scream and run like a Mother fucker should I be faced with a person who smells like parmesan cheese and dead camels.

And the fighting! Do you know how long it took me to grow these nails? They will not come away unscathed with me having to "face-five" everyone!

Pretty soon you’re going to have your arse bitten off (a little off each side please), without a savior (I’ll be washing my hair that day) be infected with the New Delhi superbug and develop a severe craving for Brains curry and pompadoms!

No bunny chow will ever be safe again.

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