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Welcome to my blog. Brb... I'm making memories (read as: Wine. I'm going to get some wine...)

You want me to do what?

What  an overwhelming 2 weeks.  New position at work which means I have been all work and no play *narfy face* I’ve aged about 10 years have developed a permanent worry line right in the middle of my forehead (FYI: I’m suing for workmans comp for that one suckers!).

I get home so feck off tired every night that all I can manage is to drewl a little from the corner of my mouth. Dalekins keeps skipping out of the bedroom with a French maids uniform on its hanger looking at me all hopeful and all I can do is laugh a little hysterically and mutter that I am far too tired to clean the house!

Dalekins: “Um no you eejit, that’s not what I meant”

Me: “Oh I know, I also know that you’d be retarded if you are actually expecting me to put on that there domestic worker outfit and run around pretending to dust the house with my bum in the air when I have been on my feet all day …” *maniacal grin*

20 minutes later…

*Dalekins washing dishes wearing French maids uniform mumbling about how this is NOT what he had in mind*

Besides all that, we buried a friend today.  32 And passed away from cancer.  A very sobering experience.  We are too young to be burying our friends.

Neels you were very brave, even when you felt like shit you still smiled.

How are YOU all doing?

Hug me... I was covered in poo!

Bonny & Clyde

Bonny & Clyde