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Guitar Hero

So after months of squirreling away his pennies and living off just pap, Dale has saved enough money to buy a PS3... Now as a woman...this filled me with horror that overnight I would become a PS Widow and in order to get any attention I would have to either some how dismantle the buttons on his controller (a hammer is good for this task - but not very subtle) or try the prancing around in sexy lingerie infront of the tv thing.. which mind you wouldn't work because he would probably just whinge 'Taaaaaaaaaaaaash you're in my way I can't see the tvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv!' or say something like 'Hey you look just like the chick off the Blah Blah number 3 version 2 game' and carry on playing.. *sighs* So it makes sense that I would buy him 'Guitar Hero' (In a moment of madness) for our 2 year anniversary! I should of realised my mistake when he unwrapped it and developed the same look that 6 year olds get on Christmas day, that greedy-yay-Im-a-spoilt-brat-look.. to be fair, I was very popular in the 5 minutes after giving it to him... until he plugged it in and started playing... then my popularity dropped and I was left sitting on the couch 'All by myself' being crooned by Celine Dion in my head...

But bless the mans cotton socks, he loved it so much that he demanded we dash out to the shops immediately and buy me a guitar so I can play with him... or 'so you can wail on an axe too!' were his actual words... wail on a what!!? So anyhoo, off we toddled to drop Ethiopias Food budget on an additional guitar which I got to decorate all girly like with flames and pretty pink skulls and such :) and there I stayed, glued to the tv... for 5 hours, wailing on my axe.

What have I learned from this excercise... Santana deserves every penny he makes... don't try and pick up anything heavy with your right hand after 'wailing on your axe' for 5 hours... and hey... Guitar Hero is good for the biceps... especially since Dale has gone back to ignoring me, so the bigger his biceps the better, because thats the only thing he's going to be getting any loving from....himself! :D

Guitar Hero!

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