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I'll give YOU a head start...

So to say I have had a rough few days at work is an understatement... kind of like saying putting a hot coal up your arse is “slightly uncomfortable”. But I won't go any further into this because I won't afford the reason for my “bad few days” any air time on my blog at all. Anyway, I have been shaken to my core (sounds so dramatic!) and have been forced in “my” mind to make some very hard decisions and choices and it's made me cry.  A lotttttt.  Yes... my eyes look like a smacked arse.

But what I have seen in the last few days while I've been forced into my little “meltdown” is something that makes me all warm and squishy in my pudding area *points to place next to gall bladder*.  My work colleagues are awesome.  I'm lucky that way.

The way they have wrapped themselves around me and tried their level best to try and make me smile is something that's made me sit back and realise just what I DO have in this place.

Some people tend to look past the people they spend 8 hours a day with, and this is fair because honestly, you don't get to choose these people, and often you think they suck juicy piles.

However, I'm an emotionally honest get-all-up-in-your-business kind of person and I get involved in everyone’s lives, or try to anyway. If someone has a personal issue, I like to listen and offer advice or at least offer to break into their offenders home that night and shave 666 into their heads because I spend all this time with you, I may as well get involved in your life... why wouldn't I? I like you.

But to have this kindness shown back to me has blown me away.

So thank you.

To the person who asks me every time they see me.. “where are we going travelling next?” and who smiles and listens to me, you have a wicked sense of humour. To the people who walk past me in the passage, have seen me upset and in tears and have physically stopped me and asked me “are you okay?” with genuine concern on your faces.

For the one who bought me a chocolate to try cheer me up, the one who made me tea to make me smile, the one who told me he hated to see me cry and what could he do to make me smile again (and then did a really weird pelvic thrusty kind of dance).  To the guy who has sat outside with me, next to me while I cried over some personal issue, didn't say anything but just sat next to me... on the hard floor, so I wouldn't be alone.

For sending me puppy pictures.  For the one who put a lot of thought into trying to find something that would make me happy and who advises me often, thank you for sharing your private dreams with me (not the dirty kind you pervs).  To the lady who hugs me and tells me she loves me whenever she sees me.  The one who shares his secrets with me because he trusts me not to judge him.  The people who look genuinely upset just because I am upset. The one who it pained to bring me bad news, and to the one who said “you deserve more” and the person who is putting some thought into my future, even if it comes to nothing.

Thank you.  You mean a lot to me and it feels really good to know I have people like you on my side.

Oh and because you’re so special… should I ever go postal in the office with a staple gun…. For you… a 10 second head start ;)

Bonny & Clyde

Bonny & Clyde