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Good Girl Gabby

Dear Gabby, All dogs go to heaven and they have met their match in you today.

Thank you for looking after the family so well, your growls were enough to make any tsotsi coming near your house turn around and pick another, because lets face it, you were scary as feck, as big as a Shetland pony and your growl did make you sound like a bit of a hound from hell.

But from hell you were not.  If those tsotsis only knew that your bark was all for show and you were a big sissy they’d never believe it… but I heard stories of you ski-ing on the tile floors when you spotted a rat and jumping on the couch howling like a baby as if this thing would eat you alive! You big girly girl!

You were a connoisseur of all things sqweeky and would spend hours walking around with a plastic hotdog hanging out of your mouth just BEGGING someone to try take it from you.  And you always saved your drewl for me.  Thanks, I think.

You were a good dog.  A funny dog, and so violently protective over your people that I couldn’t even hug Dalekins or your mum infront of you before you’d force your way between us then lift your lips to show me the fangs I would be contending with if I didn’t back up off your people…

And speaking of your people, they are devastated at the loss of you today.  You were one of them, a member of the family, as a matter of fact you were the DIVA of the family.  They are feeling the loss of you today, and who wouldn’t, you were an awesome dog, fiercely protective but something warm to cuddle against.  You will be missed more than you will ever know.

Good girl Gabby, good girl.

Rest in Sqweeky toys naughty.


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