Well hello there...

Welcome to my blog. Brb... I'm making memories (read as: Wine. I'm going to get some wine...)

Let me count the ways...

So I was thinking about love and relationships, and how we treat eachother etc etc. Deep moment I must say *flutter lashes* when I had an epiphany!! I am one lucky wench...!! Seriously... I think I have the most awesome boyfriend on the face of the planet. I would rather kick a puppy than swop Dalekins for anything... :) Now you may all be scratching your heads saying "What you talkin' bout Willis....?" So grab your gag bags... and be prepared to have your teeth hurt because these are the reasons why Dalekins is the Shizzle:

Dalekins Rocks because:

- He picks the rainsins out of my muesli one by one (because we all know raisins are from the devils bum!) - He buys me calcium and stares me down until I drink it because he doesn't want me to have osteoporosis when I'm old (this may also be because he doesn't want to push me around in a wheelchair because it'll cramp his style ;)) Also I may just point out here that the calcium tablets are ginormous and I am almost sure this is some sick joke and theyre really suppositories that he's making me drink! - When I have had a bad day, I KNOW I'll come home to a glass of wine and a bubble bath waiting for me - If I stare at something longingly in a shop window for 10 seconds and he happens to notice, I know soon, I'll get a surprise gift (Although this does not always work... especially if we walk past the Gucci shop) - Because he leaves notes for me to find at home telling me that he hopes I have a good day and that I rock his world. - He has peppered the entire house with bright pink sticky notes each one giving a different reason why he loves me - Because when I am in a foul mood and acting like a demon bitch from the pits of hell, he handles me like a live grenade, smiles and says "Ok Chuckles..." - He always leaves the last bit of cereal behind for ME to eat and goes to work with no breakfast - I know if I ever came to in a library holding a candlestick over a dead call centre agent, Dalekins would come to my rescue and frame our old neighbour Daisy! - Because I know he would cheesegrate anyones face off and bury them in the garden amongst the tulips if they were ever to hurt me in any way - Because he dived over me to protect me the night we were yanked from our slumber at 2am by murderous screaming which turned out to be 2 cats having a "spat" in our bedroom (we thought we were going to be hacked up with a machete - it could happen you know!! Those cats get moody when they don't get their treats!) - Because when I have flu, and my nose is running down my face, and I'm wearing my oldest pyjamas and looking like I've been dragged through a bush backwards, he ALWAYS says I look HJOT!! - He's NEVER in a bad mood... ever... - When I dance around and sing like an idiot... he joins me so I wont look stoopid! - Because he thinks I'm the most beautiful woman in the world - He sends me plants instead of flowers because he knows I hate things being picked just so they die a few days later... - He opens the car door for me, every time... Not just when we're infront of my parents and he wants to score browny points :P - Because he takes photos of the Cosmopolitan magazine that just arrived in the post and emails it to me at work when I'm having a bad day so I can have something to look forward to when I get home.. - Because he just frikking rocks!

So Dalekins even though you get us lost.. when driving to the Spar... thats in a straight line, and 1km from our house, and you think the magic "pick-up" fairy is the thing that sneaks into the house in the dead of night to pick up your entire cupboards worth of clothes that you have left in the lounge. And even though I know that oneday when we're 90 I will still have to threaten you with throwing your dentures into the garden if you don't put the lid back on the tooth paste... I love you.

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