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Say Cheeeeese

Some friends of ours invited us to go to Dullstroom for breakfast on Sunday, so off we toodled for a bit of a roadtrip! Love themmmmm… they pitched at our house with a huge bag of padkos on the back seat!  Caramelo bears!! And yes even though eating them makes me feel like a bad person and I wish to God that Cadburys would stop making them with smiles on their faces (makes it difficult to bite their heads off), they were nyom nyom none the less! So anyhoo, on the way home we decided to stop and go have a bit of a looksey at the Buddhist temple in Bronkhurstspruit. Such a tranquil, beautiful place.

So our friends ask Dalekins to take a photo of them.  Now you have to picture the scene.

A gentle wind blowing, carrying soft birdsong and the twang of temple bells to our ears.  The hum of the monks chanting quietly behind us… our friends posing with their beautiful smiles ready to capture the moment in these peaceful surroundings.…

Dalekins yelling out: “Say VAGINAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!”

*kriek kriek*

*blats Dalekins on the back of his head*

Dalekins: “whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?”

What happened to “say Cheese”?

*mouths the word v-a-g-i-n-a*

??? That doesn’t even look remotely LIKE a smile!


Sorry for you

Sorry for you