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Foofie Stretches

So I have survived Day 2 of Bootcamp with minimal bleeding from the ears and eyeballs, and have somehow managed to NOT vomey my spleen out onto some sort of Lesser Spotted Fig tree (We’re doing Bootcamp in the Botanical Gardens  –  so I am going to wow you with my scientific knowledge of tree names). Not like I pay attention to those little name plates on the trees while I’m clawing myself along the ground… I’m just trying to remember to breathe, not looking up and thinking “Oh look, who woulda thunk it, the scientific name for an oak is a Quercus *Whispers* Seeee my blog is not useless you just learned something)

I can honestly say the only things that don’t hurt are my feet, my head and my girly bits.  For now...  I suspect tonight however we may do some sort of foot push-ups, head crunches and foofie valve stretching.  Um.  Although if we do any foofie valve stretching I may have gone to the wrong class? (Karma Sutra for Dummies 101… which they’d be having in the …Botanical… Gardens…? *scratches head* I am NEVER sitting on that grass again! One never knows where those foofies have been!)


Bootcamp Nazi lady: “Come on girlies, I want you to do 50 push-ups and then lunge to Midrand and back”

Me:  *mumbles under breathe* “YOU lunge to Midrand and back!”

Bootcamp Nazi lady: “Come on girlies, now we’re going to plank for 3 minutes yay!”

Me:  *mumbles under breathe* “Your FACE is a plank!” *mumble mumble*

Bootcamp Nazi lady: “Now find a partner and wrap your legs around each other, and I want to see you do 500 sit-ups and then clap hands as you come up!”

Me: (what?) *confused face* *mumbles under breathe* "Frikkinnnnnnnnnn Bootcamp from the devils bum... Oh I'll wrap my legs around something I will!” *shakes fist and looks menacingly and Bootcamp lady’s neck”

Have a good one everybody! May the forceps be with you…

P.S. I tried to look for a smartarsey exercise picture but couldn’t find one.  So here’s a picture of some falafel instead.



Kekekeke  falafel… such a funny word.

You've been warned!

G I Jane