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Sock Shock

I have been VIOLATEDDDDDDDDDDDDD! Call the Fashion Police! Dalekins has been using my car the last few days… he drives an Alfa, and it’s in the shop again… need I say more? (Alfa if you read this your cars suck arse… unless you want to give us a bit of a Mito to say sorry – we wouldn’t spit in your hair and tell you to shove it up your butt).

So anyhoo, the man has been picking me up from work the last few days, and lo and behold… I come hopping and skipping out of work yesterday (because that’s what I do when I leave the building.  When I arrive it’s more of a claw my way to the door while my feet try and run in the other direction) just to stop dead in my tracks!

Me: *squints* “Cheese and Rice what the fark has happened to my car!!!”

…and there… looking all sad and uncomfortable is my beautiful car… with SA flag socks on the side mirrors (upside down I might add Dalekins).

She looked like what I can imagine a 5 yr old budding transvestite little boy looks like when his dad dresses him in a kung-fu uniform when all he wants to do is put his moms lipstick on!

And there sitting innocently IN the car, is Dalekins, dressed just LIKE a tranny now that we're mentioning them! Full SA gollywog wig and SA scarf grinning like an eeejit!

*shakes head sadly*

*stomps to car and rips open Dalekins door*

Me: “Get out, you’re walking home!”

Dalekins: *blinks really fast* “Haaai oooh blom, where’s your GEES!”

*Takes flag sock off mirror and snaps it into his eye like an elastic band*

“Why don’t YOU” *points at him* “Wear these on your nuggets and show YOUR GEES without defiling my carrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!” *snap snap*

(Note: Yes they’re still on my car… only because he did the whole wide eyed sad look)

Dear Bafana Bafana

Be my Cherry forever...