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La Dolce Vita

La Dolce Vita

So one of the most fabulous things about Thailand had to be the BEER.  I hate beer you see, but Chang is almost bearable, and the cool thing is that it has 6.4% alcohol. Which for a lightweight like me, leads to name dropping very quickly! Pfffft ok ok I am not a name or panty dropper once drunk to be honest… more like just funnier (so says me!), and erm… a bit slower in the reactions.  Which sucks when my ninja skills are called upon.

Luckily this day they were not required! 

So Dalekins and I decided to imbibe a bit while having some sort of noodely lunch while sitting in the rain, which was loverrrrly because it was feck hot!  So one Chang turned in to TWO *gasp* big drinkers eh *wiggles eyebrows* and we found ourselves quite royally pickled!

So off we wobble to the swimming pool, because kids, swimming while rat faced is always a good idea, just make sure you haven’t eaten and it’s all good! So there I am, doing my best impression of a frog in a blender… what I like to call swimming in my blotto state, when I decide to climb up onto the jacuuzi.  Which was a little island in the middle of the pool with jets shooting out.

There I lie and frolic, squealing in delight with the jets shooting all over the place *straight face* when I sit up to find Dalekins to tell him to come join me and there he is at the foot of this erm Jacuzzi looking all stern!

Dalekins: “Get OUT of THERE!!!” *points at me points next to him*

Me: “Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, it’s a jacooooooooooooooooooooooooooooozi”

Dalekins: “Get out of there now! It is a fountain not a fecking Jacuzzi, get out of there now!”

Me: *looks around me at the bubbling jets*

*Frouts* (Combined frown and pout! Genius I think! Like when you’re hungry and getting angry, you’re… hangry!  And when you’re sleepy and getting grumpy, you’re dun dun dun slumpy! Anyway, where was I…)

Me: “No, it’s a jacooooooozi! You know Dalekins, You would suck as an actor in La Dolce Vita, you’re supposed to wade into the fountain to come fetch me! Not yell at me like a banshee to get my arse out of there before we get locked up in a Thai prison and have to hide our sticky rice up our bums lest it get stolen at night…”

Dalekins: “eh?”

Me: *lies back down and starts doing pool angels in the JACUUZI*

(That night while Dalekins is holding my hair while I am delicately spewing my noodley bits in the toilet)

Dalekins: “See… this is what happens when you misbehave, and swim around in a fountain while drunk”

Me: “Jacuuuuuuuuuzi!”

Dalekins: “Fountain”

Me: “Jacuuuuuuzi!”

Dalekins: “Fountain”

Me: “Jacuuuuuuzi!”

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