Well hello there...

Welcome to my blog. Brb... I'm making memories (read as: Wine. I'm going to get some wine...)


From Rome, we took the Eurostar to Florence...I was a bit disappointed in the countryside well lets be fair, the countryside itself is beautiful all green and hilly but where the hey is all the gorgeous Tuscan style farm houses and all the vineyards and olive trees bursting with olives (I hate olives mind you, they are from the devils bum)... movies have ruined me I tell you, ruined me!

We walked out of the train station and for the next half an hour tried to find our hotel, yes we had a map pffft! Walked around for ages until I started resembling the Hunchback (only minus the warts - he did have warts didnt he?) anyway I digress, we walked for ages, only to find our hotel about 10 meters from the original spot where we came out of the station *wheeze*... the location looked a bit dodge, very close to the train station but the room was actually quite nice!  You could atleast swing a cat around this bathroom compared to the last one where your elbow would switch the shower on when reaching for the toilet paper!

We decided that we were going to take our time in Florence and not go and see every painting / statue that there was to see because we were gatvol to be honest BUT ofcourse you cannot miss Michaelangelos David.  So off we toddled to the museum, which mind you was completely swamped by children *scratches eyeballs out* and after wondering around for a bit, again like everything in Italy.. WHAM! Theres David infront of you!

Now.. I always thought the statue of David was going to be a normal size (me and my knowledge of art??) but no.. he is absolutely massive, you can see every single vein in his hand, carved to perfection, he really is a masterpiece but I couldn't help looking around at all the women in the room and yes, they were staring at his crotch, I mean its big...( we're such simple beings) so the women seemed to have these dreamy looks on their faces and the menwell quite sad. Me? Well ofcourse Dale and I walked around him nodding our heads trying to look like we were discussing the very essence of such beauty when all I wanted to do was wonder aloud how confident another man has to be to carve another mans penis at 20 times its normal size!

I know I know Im a complete pleb and missed the point but there you go!

Oh don't pretend, you're all thinking it.... ;)

We also stopped off at Florences Duomu, it's apparently called the Pyjama church, why you ask? because it's carved in frikkin pink and green stripey marble...! I know I also don't ask.  But it's quite impressive actually, worth a looksey!

So anyhoo, Florence is beautiful, our favourite place actually. There was snow on all the mountains and you can take a walk up to Michaelangelos Piazzo which is about 5 million steps up a hill, ok maybe 5 million is a slight exaggeration, but man oh man I wanted to throw myself on the ground and tell Dale to just..go on.. without ... me... *collapses with tongue out of mouth**wheeze* but eventually I pulled my big granny panties up and got on with it and it was well worth it.  You can see the whole of Florence from the top and all the mountains around it - just beautiful!

...And cold, colder than a penguins beeeeehind!

And to top it off Dale bought me a pair of gorgeous Gucci sunglasses useless info for you maybe, but GUCCIs come on!!!!! And then because the world is against me, it rained continuously until we left for Venice and there I was clutching my unused Guccis to my chest, my precious....

LOVED Florence! It's charming as hell without all the big city nonsense.  Just walk around!


Rome in a day.... or 2 or 3....