Well hello there...

Welcome to my blog. Brb... I'm making memories (read as: Wine. I'm going to get some wine...)

So everyone seems a bit glum today! Why now brown cow? So I thought in order to put a smile on your mugs, I'll involve you in Treacles-Quest-To-OWN-That-Stupid-Bastard-Hula-Hoop!

So in order to make that Hula-Hoop my biatch! I had to do a bit of research (as you do!) in order to KNOW my opponent... find it's... weak points *grim serious face*

Sooooooo here's my research so far:


See... He also doesn't know what the effing hell he's doing.... Not gonna go with this one, he's holding it wrong. Idiot. Phone home. No wait....

Em... This is looking a little Advanced ...? 3 Hula hoops? Methinks someone's been injecting too much smack into their eyeballs. Apparently Hula hooping gives you a big white scary Storm Trooper head.

She's just a show-offy bitch. I hate her and don't want to talk about it.

Something I'll never take part in *sniff* I'll be washing my hair anyway... *narfy face*

What waaaaaaaaaay TOO much Hula Hooping does to a drug addled Smurf?

Me... at the moment. *shakes fist* (Everything in my world uses batteries)

Where my Hula Hoop will ultimately end up.

(You can't see the broken Hula Hoop either can you.... Damn you Google Imagessssssss..... ssssssssssss) *shakes fist*

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