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Holiday Blues

So this post is dedicated to my sister.  (So don't read it if you're not interested - but know this, you will miss the clue I give you at the end of this post on how to find an awesome treasure!) My darlinkkk sister has been on the phone with me in tears and has cried "WHY WHY WHHHHY DELILAHHHHH!" (But with more snollies running down her face than Tom Jones ever had - or come to think about it, maybe that's why his sequinced jacket was that particular colour green? Anyhoo, I digress!)  You see, she had promised to take my mom with her to the sea next weekend.  My mom hasn't been on a proper holiday, let alone getting seasand in her nooks and crannies for yearrrrrrs! And because of someone else, let's call him .  Now, sadly, the holiday is off.  My sister is devastated, because she feels like she is letting my mom down.  My mom too is a tad bit bummed! And they're far too awesome to be devastated.  So while I am thinking of some sort of smartarsey plan to save the day and make them feel better I decided to try cheer them up here!

Trace, your favourite things in the world:

    +        =       

That is creepy as all FECK man!! Sorry sisterkins, but I DID search for a pic of  "Gerard Butler covered in chocolate" but Google gave me the finger. ;)


SEE what COULD have happened :)  We saved your life ;)

Please don't cry you two :)  You're a bunch of pissies!

Or what would one call heart sore chicks in a group... a herd of cryers...?

As for the clue to the big treausre: 

I lied.