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The Cove

Dalekins and I were invited to the premier of a documentary tonight called “The Cove”. Some of you may have heard of this already, it's won many awards, including an Academy Award for “Best Documentary Feature” in 2010.

Sadly we could not make it. Something in my heart I can honestly admit that I am not sad about. Relieved actually. Simply because I am not strong enough to watch such an awful reality of what we as humans are capable of on a daily basis. But what use is it for me to be sitting on my arse, being relieved that I couldn't make it to a screening of a documentary meant to raise awareness of this plight. Absolutely nothing. Great, so I didn't walk out of a movie house in tears. But nothing's changed has it. Yes I didn't watch it, but tonight, I STILL feel like crap, and feel like I should be DOING SOMETHING.

The Cove is a documentary that tells the story of a Cove in Japan where up to 20,000 dolphins are slaughtered every year. The “cute” ones are sold to aqauriums or to “swim with dolphin” projects. The rest are lured in, then killed until the water in the entire cove is red with blood. For meat. Now not only is this project bringing attention to the plight of these dolphins, but also of the plight of the people who are killing these dolphins and eating them because the dolphin meat contains a lot of mercury. Now I ask, if this doesn't cause you some kind of hurt, what will it take?

Yes, I am a tree hugger. But a tree hugger of the lazy sort. Yes, I change the channel when I see dolphins being slaughtered by the thousands. Yes, I change the channel when I see whaling ships on the news and I just know, I'm going to see something that's going to make my stomach convulse with pain. It's going to make me cry. Yes I am a pissy when it comes to animals. Simply because I am and always will be a pom pom shaker for all things underdog-ish.

And I don't think you'll disagree when I say that every animal on this planet became the underdog when humans arrived. We are the Locusts of this planet, we will destroy, kill, maim and torture everything that is not as strong as us, and sap out everything we can from them, until they are gone.

One nation more than others it seems. The same nation that kill millions of sharks every year for their fins. Just the fins. They get hacked off and the live shark gets thrown right back into the sea so that it can drown. They will eat the world.

Because we allow it? We all live here! Why aren't we more angry?! Why aren't we sad that our kids will only have pictuires to look at one day!

I complain. I cry. I sit on my couch and shake my fist at the world. I feel real agony. But what do I do? That's all. I complain.

So today, I'll show you all where to click instead. Become a fan, sign the petition, do ANYTHING.


And then I'll ask you, what else can we do?

What are you doing?

P.S. Please don't bring up the whole “Yes but are you a vegetarian” argument because all I'll say is, Carrots scream too when you cut them!! ;) That's a guilt ridden discussion for another day. In the mean time, go read up on The Cove (http://www.thecovemovie.com/). Go sign the petition. Then come give me more ideas.

Footnote:Dalekins I would like to thank David Oosthuizen (http://www.devographic.co.za/) for hosting “The Cove” viewing tonight. You are an inspiration to the rest of us who just sit on our couches and complain.


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