Well hello there...

Welcome to my blog. Brb... I'm making memories (read as: Wine. I'm going to get some wine...)


So it's MOvember. Yep MO like as in MOustache! So Dale has somehow managed to convince a whole lot of guys that we work with to grow-a-mo through the whole of MOvember... and they agreed (God help us all) It's actually a charity event that is quite popular in Oz and they do it every year to show support for Prostate cancer.  Now let me just start off by saying that Dale and his hairy mates are trying pass this whole crazy idea off as 'being for a good cause and charity' blah blah BUT I know that the spoils of this war... is a case of beer!!! I know.... I know the sneaky little Hobbitses! Behind those charitable little hearts are beer guzzling brutes... with hairy lips!

Now I think it's pretty safe to say that Dale looks like an 80's porn star and every time he walks in a room all I hear is 80's disco music with lots of base guitar - cause thats what I assume porn music sounded like back then... hey come on now... I watched Deep Throat - The DOCUMENTARY!! no really.....REALLY!! ;) then he makes it worse by putting on these mirrored aviator glasses and then proceeds to look like a porn star in a porn rendition of TOP Gun... get it...  'TOP GUN'...  *wiggles eyebrows* where instead of fighting in big jet plans the guy would run around naked with his arms out (pretending to fly) yelling, Im coming in for a landing big guy..... GUY!!! ok sorry... I mean um girl.... oh come on... They do all look like a scene straight out of the YMCA music video :)

But alas I support him by taking out the bits of food and drink out of his moustache every morning before work, cause Im nice that way ;) And Lord knows he's not repaying me with any kisses because man oh man those hairs are like rockets straight up my delicate little nostrils! Ive been stabbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbed *eyes get all watery* so now we just shake hands.... :)

So boys I think when this Movember is over, I should book you all in for a visit to the proctologist, so you can REALLY show your support for Movember... just bend over and smile and it'll be over shortly ;) and just think you may have a case of beer to split with your new date *cough* I mean doc afterwards!

Go and check them out...: http://movember.jinjadev.co.za

Never bring a foot to a bee sting fight...