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Give me the good news CHALLENGE

I really should have had Cheerios for breakfast this morning. It would be an understatement to say that I am thoroughly depressed after reading the news today. A feeling I am sad to say I have after reading the news everyday! Today would also not be the first time I have said that I am going to stop reading the damn news because it makes me want to hang myself from the rafters by fish hooks up my nostrils!!

· Kids killed by celeb while drag racing · Farm murders · Earthquakes · Rapes

Are we honestly saying that there is absolutely NO good news anywhere? Why are we only being bombarded with the awful, the sad, the horrific! I want that warm and squishy feeling in my stomach for a change dammit!

NO, I am not blind, or hiding, or in denial. I don’t think I am alone in that I am sick to death of just seeing the bad.

Where are the puppies, and the balloons, and the stories about a child being given a loving home. Instead of just always being bombarded with stories like “2 Men stab each other to death with HB pencils after fighting over who gets to shag their mothers goat first”.

So I went in search of some good news. Sadly, not much to be found. I DID find a site called “South Africa - The Good News” (www.sagoodnews.co.za) which is great if you’re looking for that feel good feeling being generated by your country! But no happy bunnies running in a forest here.

I want personal stuff! Stuff that’s going to tickle me pink and make me laugh out loud and make me feel that we still have good people out there, that good things still happen! So I am going to make it my personal vendetta, a mission so to speak, to make everyone smile, to laugh out loud till your coffee comes out of your nose with all the fecking good news I am going to find for you!

And if I don’t find any, I am going to make it UPPPPPP!

So if you have any good news, I want it. If you found a lint covered jellytot in your pocket that’s been in there for 6 months but it still smacked of that nyom nyom strawberry flavour, I want that story!

If you were NOT killed by a frozen chunk of wee expelled by a plane on it’s way to Uzbekhistan today and you feel damn grateful for that, I want to know!

Stupid, warm, heartfelt or funny, please send me your good news and stories, so I can embellish the hell out of it, and make someone feel warm and squishy today.

Yes, this is a challenge. Yes, send this to everyone you know.

Please send your stories to cheerynews@gmail.com (Do not make me have spent the last 20 minutes registering this name on gmail for nothing, cause it was a pain in the arse I assure you. You have no idea how many people out there have named themselves: “happbunny”)

Your Daily Good News Treacle!

Martha Stewart, kiss my hiney!