Well hello there...

Welcome to my blog. Brb... I'm making memories (read as: Wine. I'm going to get some wine...)

Long weekend...

Long weekend, need I say more? I have been a complete sloth... lazing on the couch with a glass of wine in my hand... ok so I wasn't all that bad, I did reach for the remote on the odd occasion. And then theres that whole, teeth brushing thing, and bathing *sigh* why don't we have machines for this, I ask you with tears in my eyes! Why can't I just clap my hands and 'Kul jou hier kul jou daar en seedaaaa!' (did I just show my age?) wham! You're in bed, your teeth are brushed and you're snug as a bug in your winnie the pooh pyjamas. But nooooo we clearly live in the 12th century stillllll...*rolling my eyes here for effect* I kind of do have a machine though... his name is Dale. 'Dalllllllllllllllle please bring me some cheese on a crackerrrrrrrrr!'. 'Dalllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllle please fetch my slipperrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs'. He usually works quite nicely if you ask him to do menial tasks... but he's not very good when I begin to take the piss... like 'Dalllllllllllllllllllllllllllle please pass me the shampooooooooo' this I tend to do when he is in the middle of something serious... saving the planet from evil deathfighters invading the planet and him being the last human on earth to save us.. not real life dont be daft, this would be on the Playyyyyyyyyyyyystation, or as I like to call her... The evil-bitch-boyfriend-stealer :) especially when the shampoo is about 5cm's away from me, on the side of the bath. But that would entail me having to take my arm out of the nice hot bubbly water... and Id freeze to death for Gods sake man don't you understand!!!! So I tend to usually get a 'feck orf' when I take things too far... but a good little minion none the less... hahaha I mean amazing boyfriend snookums (He's reading over my shoulder) *whispers*

(Writers note: Dale threatened to delete my whole blog site if I ever called him a Minion again... !!  Some people... I tell you, just don't understand artisitic license! Love you snoookums! ;))

So anyhoo... I digress. We decided to head off to have a Belgian waffle (oh shut up, I went to gym twice this weekend... and then drove swiftly passed it, yep still in the same place) and then to go and watch a movie. So we ended up watching The Happening. Man oh man, the acting was a shocker... it's about a weird 'event' where people start forgetting how to speak and lose co-ordination of their bodies and then kill themselves.. and at first they believe its a terror attack. That some group out there are releasing poisonous toxins into the air causing people to kill themselves. But then *dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnnnnn* they actually find out that its the plants. They are turning on us, and evolving and trying to protect themselves from a mass threat (us) by releasing toxins into the air which makes us go all balmy and we end up popping our own clogs. Man oh Man thank goodness this stuff only ever happens in America ;)

But truth be told I was very nervous walking in my garden this afternoon.. as a matter of fact I walked out and greeted my overgrown jungle with a big smile and a 'Hello lovely little green erm things... and how are we today, are we growing nicley? Bees pooping on you sufficiently??' and then continued to walk around smiling at each individual one.. now we have a very well established garden, so halfway through I had to massage the cramp out of my face, and I tell you what, the minute the smile came off my face I could of sworn I saw a rosebush shake its branches all threateningly at me...! Not to mention the lemon that came flying into my head from out of nowhere... *grumpy look* Ye well we'll see who's big mouth when I am brave enough to go outside again and get the clippers out of the wendy house!!!

I have houseplants for sale if anyones interested... :)

We have finally bought an electric blanket... sweet sweet warmth. We shall no longer feel the icy fingers of death every time we get into bed... too dramatic? I can never tell... ;)

And on that note of useless information, I bid you adieu..

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