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Labour Pains?

So my mom is having a rough time at work.  Because she messes around during office hours? No, she works very hard.  Because she's not loyal? No, she always does her best and faithfully stands up for her company should the need strike.  So why the rough time you ask?  Well because her boss... let's call him Dickhead to protect his identity, Dick for short is a schoolground bully who clearly thrives off sucking the joy from peoples lives and the smiles off their faces.  You in short Dick... are a dick... see how I did that? ;) Why the agression you wonder, let me explain and you can make your own mind up about my rant.  A bit of an open letter to my moms boss: My mother is 54 years old, and an amazing person who would literally take her shirt off her back for me. She didn't get a fancy education, never had a rich family.  Times were tough.  She did the best she could with the options available to her, and the unfortunate thing about that is in a desperate situation after being retrenched twice (not because she wasn't capable mind you, just because the companies folded) she ended up working for you.  Now this was a God send in the beginning because she gained her financial freedom back, although it wasn't GREAT financial freedom, but she can afford to buy herself the odd magazine and buy her own food and pay her own rent every month. Which made her grateful to you.  Grateful that she has a job, as are millions of people out there. 

You dont know how much it pains me to say that.  My mom is 'grateful' to have a job where she works so hard so she can afford to buy herself one or two little luxuries in life.  Rips my heart out. I digress...  With 'gratefulness' comes Fear.  A fear that she will lose her job.  A fear that she will become a financial burden on my sister and I. And on this fear, you THRIVE.

You own your own company, have a big house, travel all over, and drive a Porche, probably get a new one every year... great stuff for you.  What a man.  But sad to say my friend, if you look in the Oxford (You're a big business man you should know what an Oxford is?) and flip to the description of 'Small Man Syndrome'... yes thats right, the page with your photo on.  You see I don't like it when you make my mother cry.  It angers me.  More than that. It enrages me.  I swore a VERY long time ago that I had seen enough of my mothers tears to last me a life time and that I would do everything in my power to NEVER see her cry again.  So we have a bit of a problem here, because I don't like to see my mother hurt and yet you like bullying her.  Not just her, but all of your workers too, my mothers colleagues.  You belittle her, you shout at her infront of other people and humiliate her.  She's old enough to be your mother you TOAD!!! And now lately you have started threatening her with her job.  No good reasons, just a little smug statement here and there to keep her on her toes... to keep her colleagues on their toes.  A little 'Im going to fire one of you tomorrow' jibe, And Good job you arsehole, good bloody job, because now you have people in your own office wondering who's going to look after them, who's going to feed their children if they lose their jobs. All just because you're in a bad mood.  You have my mother, who has high blood pressure and not such a healthy ticker in tears, thinking she is about to get fired, her stress levels go through the roof, her heart beats so fast and she gets so emotional that she feels physically ill and let me tell you something DICK, if you hurt my mother... if something happens to my mother because of something you have said or done to her I swear to God there will be nowhere you will be able to hide.

No, Im not a tough chick making butch statements.  I know I dont have many resources, but you know what you arsehole, you can't threaten people like that.  Its not even legal.  And if you make my mother cry again or fire her for that matter I will make sure you really feel what 'what goes around comes around' stands for.  Someone will help me. There are people out there who are alot more educated in labour law than me... Someone will read this and relate to being treated like a lesser human being... someone out there will take you down for me, and you know what? I don't care if I have to use every penny that I have for the next 20 years, but I will not rest until you lose the shirt off your back and until you are dropping your Porche keys into my mothers hands... so order another colour so long you horrid little man, she likes black.

Long weekend...