5 Dec 2012

Moms be driving crazy and shit!

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I had to drop Dalekins off at work this morning, and was driving in a road where 2 lanes become one.  Obviously the left lane has to merge into the right lane, slowly and safely.

But alas, I spot someone behind me in the left lane flying up the road like a bat out of hell and I can tell they’re going to be a douchebag and try and squeeze infront of me as the lane merges.  So I say to Dalekins “Look at this effing IDIOT!!”

And TruesBob! They come flying past me, forcing me to swerve into the oncoming lane a little bit to avoid a collision, and off they go with no “I’m sorry”  blinky hazard lights or a hand up to say, “Sorry I was driving like a bit of a knob” No no… nothing.

Me: “What an IDIOT!!”

Dalekins: “Um, Tash… that was your mom”

*looks at car*

*looks at Dalekins*


“Oh… um.  Good job mom, carry on.”

And THAT’S how your mom tries to kill you so she gets out of buying your Christmas presents!


3 Responses to “Moms be driving crazy and shit!”

  1. Tweedledee Says:

    Such a drama queen, you were dring like Ms Daisy :) but I’m sorry I gave you such a fright…

  2. Tweedledee Says:

    That was supposed to be “Driving” not dring :)

  3. Irene Says:

    I’m torn between sticking up for you and sticking up for Mama Tweedledee. Only cos she’s funny too :-)

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